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Welcome to DGM101!

G o o d M o r n i n g ~ / G o o d E v e n i n g ♥

DGray-Man101 specializes in providing you all sorts of goodies in regards to the manga/anime D.Gray-Man, as well as featuring events, contests, and other such DGM-related things happening here on deviantART. If you'd like our help keeping up-to-date on D.Gray-Man or would simply like to contribute to our gallery, we'd love to have you join our group! Watchers are welcome as well~!

A l l. A b o u t. D . G r a y - M a n !
read the manga - watch the anime - join the discussion

The D.Gray-Man anime and manga series features a diverse cast of characters created by Hoshino Katsura. The series is set at the end of an imaginary 19th century where the Black Order wages war against the Millennium Earl (and Noah Family) who intends to destroy humanity with his army of Akuma, weapons created from the souls of the deceased when their loved ones curse God for their loss. To aid in their efforts, the Black Order scours the world for the 109 pieces of a divine substance called Innocence and for people who can use anti-Akuma weapons, the Innocence in its weaponized form. These people, called Exorcists, are able to effectively fight against and destroy the Akuma. One Innocence, referred to as the "Heart" will assure their victory. However, the Earl is also looking for the Innocence and the Heart with the intent to destroy them.

:star: Support Hoshino's Instagram!
Please remember that this is Hoshino's personal instagram. She's not there to draw specifically for others or take requests. Support her, don't rush her!

Breaking News!! Possible Return of DGM July 17th?!:new: Animelist discussion HERE. Someone's saying it might not be a chapter? Others are arguing that DGM will continue in this new magazine, Jump SQ.Crown, which updates once every 3 months (from what we're hearing, anyway).
Going to refer back to Koto-wari, since she found the information <3

:tea: You can check out the Mangahelpers thread where they're discussing this HERE.
:tea: Twitter information HERE

((thank you to Bloom450 for the information source links!! ))
Please remember that we're not 100% sure yet. It's looking likely, though! We'll update this journal as more information comes in on this (hopefully true) news.
Hoshino Returning?! (update)Update: Hoshino responds to the outpour of love from her fans!
- -
Okay so, first of all, I'm just going to say that I don't know what this means or if this is really, truly Katsura Hoshino, but maybe an hour or so ago, it started to spread that Hoshino has an Instagram(that was updated TODAY) and so far it looks 100% Legit, unlike a lot of the past rumors that have circulated during her absence.
It's DEFINATELY her art style!(Sadly, I can't read Japanese that well, so that's all I can go off of!) So either it is She, our wonderful creator of D.Gray-Man, or someone who's DAMN good at mimicking her art style!
I think it's really her though, and it looks like there might even be some sneak peaks of NEW PAGES in the works!
This doesn't necessarily mean that D.Gray-Man will be coming off Hiatus yet(no word on that yet, that I know of),
Continuation of DGM Manga CONFIRMEDBack on April 8th, reported:
‘D.Gray-man’ Manga Continuation Confirmed By Katsura Hoshino; Will There Be An Anime Continuation Or Remake?
"One of the most celebrated manga series, "D.Gray-man" will be getting a manga continuation as confirmed by its creator Katsura Hoshino. Meanwhile, an anime remake or continuation is still up in the air but fans have made it known that they indeed want one.
Creator Katsura Hoshino confirmed in her social media account that "D.Gray-man" is indeed getting a manga continuation.
"Thank you for your comments. D.gray-man sequel is in writing. Seeing the amount of support, I decided to continue but the announcement won't be coming from me. The instagram is the venue of my personal private. Please pardon." (sic)
As a testament on how popular the franchise is, it is ranked #1 in as anime series that should be re

C o u r t e s y. O f. O u r. C o m m u n i t y

Below, you can find fan-created/related subjects pertaining to D.Gray-Man. While our Calendar isn't up anymore (might be added again soon), we've replaced it with Groups you can check out where the DGM community gathers to do different things. Get connected with other fans and enjoy yourself!

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Check out D-Gray-Man-Fans chatroom!

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Check out D-GrayMan-4EVR's Monthly Discussion Blog!

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Check out the DGM-Rewind project! They're starting up June 4th!


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:fella: DGM fan art greatness~
Our favourites collection takes on the job of the "normal" featured folder. Since our featured folder contains spoilers, our favourites contains those artworks that just blow us away!


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Notice: This group is currently on a sort of semi-hiatus due to DGM's hiatus. However, with Hoshino's return, our activity is also slowly coming back, and we expect to be up and running like before soon :D

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